Raffaele Boemio

Raffaele Boemio was born in Afragola (Naples) in 1952. He graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples and nowadays he is a teacher of Pictorial Disciplines at the “Liceo Artistico” in Cardito (Naples).In 1978 he founded together with Haebel and Domenico Natale the “Gruppo X/Arte” sticking to the
Movement of aesthetic operators in the Social.

Painting is the main language in which Boemio expresses his artistic creativity. However he
considers semantic and expressive features of different artistic techniques and materials such as
the wood’s ductility, the iron, the bronze-brass fusion, the laterizio, the pottery, some industrial products, the photography and the image’s digital processing. Through them Boemio’s painting has flown into sculpture and extramedial communication.He associates his artistic expression with his own humane and social experience. Like this Boemio faced some thematic cycles in “Trappole maieutiche” – “Biographic” –“Afona” – “Ready Made”, “Ready Dead” and “Fragments migrant” confronting himself with his own Time and with the absolute value of humane dignity.He feels the constant need to understand his own Time taking a polemic attitude but without biases and prejudices.

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