Yale Epstein

Yale Epstein (Connecticut, 1934) exponent of New York Abstract Expressionism. Epstein’s career, a painter and engraver among the most interesting and creative in New York, spans over five decades, and has counted over 50 solo exhibitions in galleries around the world including the United States, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland, as well as significant international events, such as those held in Basel, Florence, Krakow, Maastricht and Hong Kong. Yale Epstein is an artist who explores the meaning of life through her love and commitment to the landscape. It lives the earth, the sky and the sea in a profound way, it transcends the material world and creates a cosmic universe of order and beauty, which is reflected in its art. The first years of his formation in New York coincided with the fervor of Abstract Expressionism, a period in which a prolific experimentation environment was created, and Epstein had the good fortune to have among its masters some exponents of this movement like Hoffman, Rothko, Motherwell, Reinhardt and Bolotowsky, who contributed considerably to the development of her aesthetic sensibility. From them he received an innovative conception of color, the value of gesture, of formal balance and respect for two-dimensional painting. Epstein was able to transform these early influences into a personal language, and throughout his life he never stopped exploring, shifting his attention from concept to concept, evolving in technical, spiritual and sensory terms. Since 1998 he lives in Woodstock, also of his study, and continues to maintain numerous collaborations with American and foreign galleries. He has taught in many schools and universities of the United States such as Brooklyn College, the Brooklyn Museum Art School, the Pratt Institute and the School of Visual Arts i

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