Maria Pia Daidone

Maria Pia Daidone works between London, Naples and Cantalupo nel Sannio (IS); she was born in Naples and she, actually, works at her studio in Naples, IV Giornate.

From 2001 to 2002, she has been working with variety of colours and papers on canvas and she has brought to life an Art called “Birilli”, then between 2002 and 2006 she created a sequence called “Sagome” which it took the same steps of “Birilli” but this time on the wood. In 2007 and 2008 she starts to create a new piece of art, which reminds the harmony between humans & animals called “Macrostampelle” “Valigie“ and “Zoophantasy”. Since August 2005, up to now, she has been taking part at the “Movimento Iperspazialista”. She has been working on it since now , but this time, with different ideas and materials. Focusing at the “Squares in plexiglas”, which, at the moment, are exhibited at “Villa Fiorentino “ in Sorrento, Italy, which basically they are kind of graduated tables reassured by verticalness of rectangular made by plexiglas material. The Artist said “The plexiglas used as upholstery highlights the materials and places them in a timeless space.“ Here below her series: “Cerchi Graffiti”, “Nonsolocerchi”, “Accertamenti Metropolitani”, “Collages”, “Dame a Palazzo”, “Birilli”, “Sagome Magiche”, “Sagome Lignee”, “Macrostampelle”, “Valigie della Memoria”, “Zoophantasy”, “Nerodaidone”, “Zolle”, “Daidone Art Design”, “Quadrati in plexiglas”, “Mantelli”, “Nonsolonero“, “Oronerorame“, “Rossorame“, “Ororossorame“, “Totò”, “Aurum“, “MPD”, “Incroci Modulari”.

Private Collection

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