Tamer Ragab

The Egyptian artist, born in 1979 declares: “Among the mixture of thoughts I find myself interested in the moving forces and there effects. The wind’s impacting all what it faces, changing it physical appearance, leaded me to think and start the experiment of how such movement influences my sculpting. These effects begin to appear at the start of each sculpture only to find the piece in a contradictory state with the winds either it suddenly stops impressed by it, or taking it’s a prisoner to its motion no matter how strong or big it is. The statue’s stability on certain points ensuring its ability to fly and moving in a symmetrical way. Confirming the conflicting state with such invisible force using the nature. Not to mention that human showing a mixture of emotions in addition to their mental state throughout the portrait, or using the strength of the bird facing the winds and it ability to impact it in spite of the birds ability to face the force, or using the abstract compositions using different materials such as Bronze, Marble & Granit to add an extra effect on the statue’s visual”.

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