Preview SyArt Sorrento Festival | Installation of Mikado by Vincenzo Mascia

2 June 2020

SYART GALLERY | 6 June 2020 at 12.00 a.m. | Corso Italia 139/141


Launch of the fourth edition of SyArt Sorrento Festival


Installation of the work “Mikado” by Vincenzo Mascia

Sorrento starts again from art, through the realization of shared projects between private realities and institutions.

Saturday, June 6 at 12.00 a.m. SyArt Gallery presents the fourth edition of SyArt Sorrento Festival, international exhibition event dedicated to contemporary art. The kermesse from July 11th to September 6th will host forty artists from fourteen countries in the splendid Villa Fiorentino, home of the Sorrento Foundation. The realization of the Festival, despite the delicate and uncertain moment, launches a message of hope in which art does not stop becoming a solid base from which to start again. The works of the selected artists will occupy the exhibition rooms of Villa Fiorentino, contaminating and telling the public about artistic expressions and multi-ethnic languages.

In the presence of the Mayor of Sorrento Mr. Giuseppe Cuomo and the CEO of the Sorrento Foundation Mr. Gaetano Milano, at the same time the installation of the work “Mikado” by the artist Vincenzo Mascia will be inaugurated, a site specfic project created for the Sorrento Gallery SyArt of the couple Rosaria and Leone Cappiello and Dr. Rossella Savarese. The work donated to the City of Sorrento, together with the previous bequests, is part of the wider project Museo Outdoor, a dialogue with the contemporary that allows the dislocation in various points of the city of works by artists who follow one another in the various editions, including the street artist TvBoy and the artists Dalya Luttwak and Carmen Novaco, whose works appear in historical places in the city.

Vincenzo Mascia, author of the work and to date an artist promoted by SyArt Gallery, completes with the current project a dialogue inaugurated in the first edition of the Festival, in which he exhibited his works, declares: “For the intervention in Sorrento I thought of using as a primary element a square aluminum tube (the dimensions are 150 cm. x4x4), I will use twelve of them to be placed on a stone wall of Corso Italia in a random way in juxtaposition and overlapping (the possible combinations are infinite) in a sort of maxi mikado, in continuity with the madì thought of an art that is also playful and gives a sign of restart and hope for the future after months of pandemic and forced standstill”. Thought shared and supported by the curator Rossella Savarese who adds: “A further step that allows us to structure and expand our project of an outdoor museum in Sorrento following the work of programming and organization of the Festival and of which we collect daily messages full of enthusiasm and fervor from the selected artists honored to be able to exhibit in the Land of the Sirens”.


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