Margherita Grasselli

Margherita Grasselli was born in Perugia on 27 October, 1970. She began sculpting in September 2005 under the direction of Master Marco Severing, a formal trainer of the Municipality of Rome at the Academy of Fine Arts. Margherita attended these courses for 4 years, handcrafting clay and stone, as well as experimenting with resins and suitable materials for handcrafted sculptures. She also experimented with the technique of coating, especially glazes, her great passion. In addition, Grasselli used many types of colours and oxides. She learned different techniques of shaping with chalk and silicon through the organisation of ad hoc courses in outdoor structures specifically designated to handcrafting. Her favourite material will always be clay. She specialised in handcrafting raku Sila clay, specially blended and treated in accordance with her chamotte request.

In 2013, she launched the LiberArte exhibition space in Rome, via dei Salumi 49. Here the artist established her lab and created an exposition area where her exhibitions, and those of young emerging artists, were set up. During the spring of 2018 she met the curator Ermanno Tedeschi, to whom she has entrusted her artistic growth. Starting from February 2019, she has also opened another workspace in Grottaglie, hosted by the company ‘Ceramiche Nicola Fasano’. Thanks to the owner Franco Fasano, she uses that space to improve her knowledge and experimentation of new shaping, varnishing, and cooking techniques under the supervision of master ceramists and artisans in those fields.

In 2022 she was selected and exhibited at the sixth edition of the SyArt Sorrento Festival, an international art exhibition hosted in the institutional spaces of Villa Fiorentino, home of the Fondazione Sorrento (Na), Italy.

In the same year, she began her collaboration with the SyArt Gallery.

Private Collection

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