Francesco Cuomo

I was born in Eboli, a small town nestled in the hills of Salerno. From an early age I learnt to breathe in the breeze from the mountains, listening to the melodies of the sea. I grew up among shades of green and blue, kissed by the sun and surrounded by beauty. My soul is restless, enthusiastic, in love and perhaps a little crazy.

When I was very young I moved to Siena to study at university and fell in love. From that first love, my first work ‘Uno’ (One) was born, the one that allowed me to discover that painting and writing are visceral needs for me, which I often mix together to narrate the universes I keep within me. Brushstrokes, like words, have the ability to bring out my true self to tell the world, to tell you.

My works speak of my universe, they tell that creative process that is born within me and that I need to externalise. They nourish my essence and allow me to live.

By giving life to a new work, I give life to me and at the same time I create art that must be experienced in the first person. Precisely for this reason, my art is not afraid of judgements, it is not shaken by expectations, because it is suddenly born as an act of liberation, as the outpouring of emotions that cannot remain dormant. It is free and therefore light, lively, enthusiastic.

It is whimsical and colourful, just as my soul is, and it only feels fulfilled when it is not understood according to artistic rules, but is read as a mirror of something inside. And it is then that my art stops being mine and becomes that of others. It is at that point that my art is truly lived. Everyone reads something of themselves in it and in that instant that piece of art takes on a meaning that even I could never have imagined. It is like magic, an enchantment, it cannot be explained and in its mystery it makes everything incredibly wonderful.

Over the years, my works with their strong and decisive colours have caught the attention of important contemporary art collectors such as Coveri, Colombo (Colmar), Del Vecchio (Luxottica), Overi (Formitalia Luxury Group) with whom I have collaborated on projects and exhibitions.
I have also been involved in incredible initiatives, such as Unicef’s charity exhibition Sagome 547, for which I created an exclusive contemporary artwork.

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, the Customs and Monopolies Agency, one of the three tax agencies of the State, commissioned me to produce its institutional calendar. The collaboration involved the production of 12 exclusive works of art, associated with each month of the year, and a work representing Piazza Mastai, the Agency’s headquarters. A project that linked the Customs Agency to art.

Some of my works were chosen for the set design of the film ‘Questa notte è ancora nostra.’ by Paolo Genovese, produced by Italian International Film. Over ten of my contemporary works were chosen for the fiction ‘Amiche Mie’ by Paolo Genovese, produced by Mediaset. For five consecutive editions, I took care of and realised the image of the Medfilm Festival, creating an indissoluble bond with the Roman event.

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