“Essenze” Carmen Novaco Solo Exhibition curated by Rossella Savarese

29 November 2019

Almost two years have since Carmen Novaco, in April 2018, invited to exhibit at the second edition of the SyArt Festival – at the headquarters of the Sorrento Foundation – welcomes our invitation to place her work “Essenza” in a public space in Sorrento, giving the City a unique and central work in its artistic history.
The rupture impetus, the need for renewal and the design of the sculpture tangibly announce a new creative phase, enjoyable and documented in this exhibition.
The cube becomes a privileged polyhedron, an existential moment generates new pathos and fertile humus from which to compose a new dialogue. Carmen Novaco’s versatility becomes even more evident and rooted. Further acknowledgements are received: the sculpture “La via della seta” is located in the Municipality of Mendicino (CS), her works are present at the Pinacoteca Comunale Palazzo Ducale Sanchez de Luna in Sant’Arpino (CE) and Polo espositivo “Juana Romani” in Velletri (RM).
To take care of this exhibition “Essenze” in a historical place such as the Palace of Portici is for us a reason of joy and pride. A confirmation of the repeated support to the artist and to her artistic-cultural message, in a mature phase in which you perceive a greater awareness and a deep growth.

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