Marjan Fahimi

La Finestra’ installation in resin, plexiglas, stainless steel and pigments

200x100x7 cm

Monte San Costanzo

Massa Lubrense 28 October 2022

“This is where you had to start: the sky. A window without sill, frame, glass. An opening and nothing more, but wide open.
I don’t have to wait for a clear night, or raise my head, to observe the sky. I have it behind me, at my fingertips and on my eyelids. The sky hermetically envelops me and lifts me up from below.”
The meaning of this work is encapsulated in these verses. A window that opens onto the world, onto life.
Various layers of transparent blue Plexiglas show the outlines of the surrounding mountains, which lighten as they approach the sky where the stones I collected on Mount San Costanzo are hermetically enclosed between various layers of resin and which become luminous stars in the night sky thanks to the phosphorescent pigments that have the ability to collect sunlight during the day and release it as a glow similar to starlight during the night hours.
Among these stars I have written some names, sacred names of the little martyrs who fought empty-handed against an enemy armed to the teeth and who were killed to defend something that even before being a right is a duty as Oriana Fallaci used to say: Freedom.
I have brought their sacred names here with me so that they may remain in this earthly paradise, that they may watch the sun rise above Mount San Costanzo, and that they may remain here in peace.
My sincere thanks to all the people who assisted me in making this work:
. Associazione Ristoratori Lubrensi ARL and President Francesco Gargiulo
. Massa Lubrense Municipality and the deputy mayor Giovanna Staiano
. Diarc Unina University Federico II of Naples, Maria Rita Pinto and Francesca Ciampa
. The large community of Termini
. Don Michele Di Martino
. The team that helped me install the work
. Rossella Savarese and SyArt Gallery
. Claudio Poliziani
. ORRI Sheet Metal Geraldo Orri
. Fedele82 snc
. Resin Pro

Every time an artistic-cultural project sees the light, I begin to hope again.
A project that establishes a dialogue starting from beauty and becoming the bearer of a precise, sought-after cultural message, intending to speak to the community about issues such as appreciation, inclusion, research and respect.
Marjan Fahimi an internationally recognised artist, was born in Tehran, Iran. She has lived and worked in Italy since 2004, almost half of her life and professional training spent in Rome. A refined and technically evolved artist. Today she succeeds in using and modulating two-component resin, after decades of exploration, with rare stylistic cleanness, giving a singular research in the furrow of informal, through modulations and spreads of colour in which the viewer, in contemplation, loses and connects himself.
The work donated to the City of Massa Lubrense preserves, restoring eternity, the names of the young Iranian victims. Sisters and brothers who lose their lives, in the name of life.
Marjan thank you for this opportunity for growth and reflection to those who visit our land.
Rossella Savarese

Photo credit Annalisa Mazzarella

Marjan Fahimi was born in Tehran on 1 March 1982, where at the age of 15 she began to attend painting courses at the Hossein Maher studio. After graduation she began his studies in Italian Language and Literature at the University of Tehran and in the meantime she took part in several group exhibitions in some of the most important galleries of the Tehran art scene as Elahe Art Gallery, Bahman Cultural Center, Robat Art Gallery and creates two solo exhibitions; in 2003 with the project “Urban Details” at Atbin Art Gallery and in 2004 with the exhibition “BIRDS” at Seyhoon Art Gallery.

In 2004 she leaves for Rome and undertakes his studies in Architecture, concluded in 2013 with a Master’s Degree in Architecture and Urban Planning and at the time participates in numerous exhibitions and competitions; in 2007 she was among the finalists of the Martelive competition and won the L.I.Art award and in 2008 she was the absolute winner of the same competition; in 2014 she is one of the artists selected for the project “Off Site Art” for L’Aquila edited by Veronica Santi – in collaboration with ArtBridge of New York and in the same year she is among the winners of the Adrenalina competition.

In 2015 she made her first Italian solo exhibition curated by Vinicio Prizia at the Sala Orsini of the Chigi Palace in collaboration with the Municipality of Formello; starting in 2016 she began collaborating with the Honos Art gallery in Rome and in 2017 and among the Special Guest of the Nuvola Creativa artistic festival curated by Antonietta Campilongo at the Factory space of the MACRO Museum in Rome where she is represented by the HONOS Art gallery with a personal exhibition.

In 2018 she was selected and invited to participate in the second edition of Sorrento Young Art, from 7 April to 13 May 2018, to the Sorrento Foundation.

2018- to date permanent artist SyArt Gallery, Sorrento (Na), Italy

In 2019 she made her solo exhibition “Astrazione figurativa” in Biblioteca Angelica in Rome, curated by Juan Carlos Garcìa Alìa

In 2021 she bas been part on the group exhibition “Art is over”, curated by Rossella Savarese, SyArt Gallery Sorrento (Na), Italy

In 2022 she was the winner of the call for artists residency “Massa Lubrense art food culture and landscape” a project for the care of the built environment, financed by an agreement between the Association Ristoratori Lubrensi  and the Department of Architecture (DiARC) of the University of Naples Federico II and the Municipality of Massa Lubrense. The competition entrusts the creativity of artists with the redevelopment of an environmental route of extraordinary beauty such Monte San Costanzo.

Main exhibitions:

2023 – Libertà, group exhibition, Sala Orsini Palazzo Chigi, Formello (RM); Italy curated by Vinicio Prizia

2022 – Ex-stasis, group exhibition, SyArt Gallery Sorrento (Na), curated by Rossella Savarese

2021 – Art is over, group exhibition, SyArt Gallery Sorrento (Na), curated by Rossella Savarese

2019 – Figurative abstraction, solo exhibition, Angelica Gallery Library, Rome curated by Honos Art.

2018 – “Sorrento Young Art” Second edition, Villa Fiorentino – Sorrento Foundation curated by SYART association, Sorrento (Na).

2017 – “Nel segno e nei colori” Rassegna Arti Visive – curated by the association P.A.E – Museo d’Arte Moderna “Vittoria Colonna”, Pescara

2017 – “Nuvola Creativa” Second Edition – LIVING NATURE- curated by Antonietta Campilongo, Artist represented by Honos Art Gallery MACRO (Museo D’Arte Contemporanea Roma) – Spazio FACTORY, Rome

2017 – “Sul Confine delle Immagini” Rassegna di Arti Visive, curated by Lorenzo Canova

Rome 2017 – Spazio AxA L’Azienda per le Arti, Campobasso 2017 – “Somewhere” – Bipersonal exhibition with Kristina Milakovic, curated by Ada Egidio, Collezionando Gallery

“Trasmutazioni”, curated by Gian Ruggero Manzoni, Abbazia di San Galgano Siena

2016 – Adrenalina 4.0 Award, 2nd exhibition step Sala Santa Rita, Rome

2016 – HONOS presents HONOS, curated by Juan Carlos Garcia Alia Honos Art Gallery, Rome

2016 – Premio Adrenalina 4.0, 1st exhibition step, Museo civico “U. Mastroianni” Marino Roma

2016 – “Dodici Contemporaneamente” Perimeters, perspectives, escape routes, curated by Ornella Ricca and Pietro Spagnoli, Chiostro di Sant Agostino

Veroli 2016 – “GRAMMELOT” Ovvero della contaminazione iconica, curated by Antonietta Campilongo and Jada Mucerino, MACRO (Museo D’Arte
Contemporary Art Rome) – Spazio FACTORY, Rome

2016 – ‘DREAMLAND’, curated by Glenda Lorenzani,
Domus Art Gallery, Athens

2015 – “Premio Il Segno” Collective exhibition of finalists, Palazzo della Racchetta, Ferrara

2015 – “Egalitè EXPO” Collective exhibition by ARACNE, Ex Palazzo della Zecca, Rome

2015 – “Controluce” Solo exhibition of Marjan Fahimi, curated by Vinicio Prizia, Sala Orsini of Palazzo Chigi, Formello

2015 – “La mente artistica”, Teatro dei Dioscuri al Quirinale, Rome 2015 – “Adriatica la via dell’arte”, Galleria Antichi Forni, Macerata

2014 – Premio Adrenalina 3.0 – 2nd exhibition step, Museo civico “U. Mastroianni”, Marino

2014 – Adrenalina 3.0 Prize – 1st exhibition step, MACRO (Museo D’Arte Contemporanea Roma)
Spazio FACTORY, Rome

2014 – “La biennale d’arte contemporanea di Anagni”, La sala della Ragione,

2014 – “La mente artistica”, Teatro dei Dioscuri al Quirinale, Rome

2009 – “Speciale Scuderie Martelive”, Foyer of the Palladium Theatre, Rome

2007 – “Premio L.I.Art – Martelive 2007”, Laboratorio Incontri d`Arte (L.I.Art), Rome

2004 – “The Birds” – solo exhibition, Seyhoon Art Gallery, Tehran

2003 – “Painting Collective”, Robat Art Gallery, Tehran

2003 – “Urban Details” – solo exhibition, Atbin Art Gallery, Tehran

2002 – “Group Exhibition”, Bahman Cultural Centre, Tehran

2002 – “Collective drawing exhibition”, Haft Samar Art Gallery, Tehran

2001 – ‘VI Iranian contemporary drawing collective’, Barg Art Gallery, Tehran

1999 – ‘Painting collective’, Elahe Art Gallery, Tehran


2022: Artkeys Prize-Ex Tabacchificio di Cafasso, Paestum (Sa), Italy
2017: Special Guest in the second edition of “Nuvola Creativa” – LIVING NATURE- curated by Antonietta
Campilongo, Artist represented by Honos Art Gallery with a solo exhibition, MACRO (Museo
D’Arte Contemporanea Roma) – Spazio FACTORY, Rome
2014: Second place in the SILVER (PAINTING) category of the international competition Premio
2014: artist selected for the project “Off Site Art” for L’Aquila curated by Veronica Santi – in
collaboration with ArtBridge in New York
2008: winner of the Martelive arts competition
2007: finalist in the Martelive competition and Liart jury prize

Below critical note by Rossella Savarese

Sorrento, 2020

Marjan Fahimi of Iranian origins, in Tehran she graduated in Italian Literature, a culture that fascinated and seduced her, thus deciding to move and study in Rome where she obtained a second degree in Architecture and Urban Design.

Refined artist, in continuous research and experimentation, today she refines combinations of acrylic color with two-component resin, tracing a possible combination between abstract variations and figurative solutions. The training and the experience in the architectural sector generate an artistic making in which the two-dimensional meaning is overcome, focusing the discourse on the material plane, the artist feels she has to mold from the material the form, inherent and pre-existing, in an attitude of taking away proper to sculpture. As proof of this, the recently built installations.

Currently she works on the theme of the iris, a subject that simultaneously presents itself as a flower, a mirror or a hole-crack to look at and cross, a multifaceted aspect that most interests her. The experimentation and the deepening of the evocative potential of this subject were born on the occasion of his participation in the exhibition “Forma mentis – Aesthetics of touch” at the State Tactile Museum Homer of Ancona, where he communicates with the user as well as visually, through braille writing positioned in the iris. Over time the works have been remodeled and the initial experimentation gives way to remarkable results, in which he masters the technique by presenting balanced color combinations.

The Opera choice is “Green Iris“. Conceived in a suspended time, in which everyone experiences a readjustment to the new, Marjan Fahimi continues its creation without hesitation, elaborating unusual details and nuances. An eye on the world, a look in ourselves. Yet in front of the work one does not feel scrutinized, observed, investigated but rather conquered, hypnotized. The chromatic passages and shades bring us a sunny field of sunflowers. The circular, harmonious and spiritual form, a continuous line without a beginning or an end, elevates to heaven. Everything is in balance and, as often happens in her works, we can decide whether the slit in the center of the work should be crossed or contemplated.

Technique mixed on wood, diameter 100 cm. As anticipated, we are dealing with a combined technique of resin and acrylic color, most of the time the artist chooses, as a preliminary, to mark the wooden base made personally, with an iron wire and that in the subsequent drafting of the pictorial material generates unexpected results . Master the technique, delivering diverse results. From an in-depth analysis of her artistic production, we notice a diversity in the choice of the subject, in the balance between abstract and figurative art, in which what interests her is the constant dialogue with the user through a sensorial and experiential communication.

Private Collection

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